How it works

The project is only at early stages of development, however when it is finished it will work in the following manner. The installation program will install the software as service which will start automatically went the machine boots. This service will listen for TCP/IP connections on port 25, which is the standard port for accepting the email. The service emulates a standard email server as it receives the mail. N.B. It is necessary to correctly set up the DNS to point to the computer running this server in order for the worldwide email system to know where to send the mail. The program examines the 'To:' line of the email, and according to information specified in an XML configuration file the message is sent to a predefined URL. The receiving application receives the email as though it where posted from a form.

The application does not process the email body, neither does it reply to the email. What happens after the mail is received and passed on to the web application this is under the control of the web application, it does not matter where the application is running, and does it matter what technology of the application running on the wept back to early users, the ASP, PHP, JSP, Java servlets would all work.

Since this program runs as a service and has no GUI, all messages are logged to the Windows event log.

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