The missing link from email to web applications

The SMTP to HTTP Gateway provides a gateway from email to web applications. This project is aimed at web developers who would like to provide an email interface to web applications. There are several third party controls which allow you to post email from web applications. However this provides the missing link to allow your applications to receive and act on email.

The SMTP to HTTP Gateway is an open source project licensed by an Apache style software license.

  The author welcomes all kinds of feedback and contributions, including comments and source code, patches and fixes.  

Project Status - Pre alpha developer only


0.05 (31-jan-02) - Includes a Quick and Dirty configuration wizard, and improved stability. Still to do - the real configuration file reading logic. First binary release also available, an installable MSI. Please let me know if you can get it to install and run!



In recent years, there have been considerable increases in the accessibility of information on the World Wide Web. Browsing is fast and it's easy to obtain the information you need very quickly, however in many parts of the world access to the web is still slow. The fastest connection that many people experience is downloading the mail from their local pop server, and sending email to there local SMTP server. This service provides the link that allows internet applications to receive and act on email, serveral other products already exist which allow web applications to send email.


When you arrived in the office, or sit down to use the computer, often the first thing to do is open the email program. In fact many people organize their life using a Microsoft Outlook or a similar product. Information coming in through email is extremely convenient. Indeed this is widely recognized, and for this reason the email newsletters and still widely used, and nearly every web site has a newsletter you can subscribe to so that they remind you that they exist and you can go back and visit from time to time. To be able to reply to email, and interact with web based applications through email will increase the inconvenience.

Filling the gap

What's missing from the chain of interactivity between web sites and email is the ability of web sites to accept email and serve content in response. This project hopes to fill that gap.

This project represents one link in the chain and as such does not try to do too much processing. It accepts mail in the same way as standard SMTP email server does, and then but posts the content to a URL, having sorted according to criteria specified in the configuration file.

The program is written in C++ and takes advantage of many of the services provided by windows operating systems, in the not too distant future it is hoped to port the program to Unix operating systems.

The project itself has five components

  • SMTP server.
  • Installation system for the installation of the service.
  • XML reader to read the configuration.
  • Web Poster.
  • Configuration Wizard (a stand-alone GUI application)

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